Princess Nokia

Born in New York, rapper Destiny Frasqueri went by aliases such as Destiny and Wavy Spice, until the Finnish brand made the name available, and could then adopt the well-known Princess Nokia.

The autobiographical “Destiny” (2012) was her debut theme, but it was with improvised tracks like “Bitch I’m Posh” and “Yaya” that the young artist extended her community of followers. With the interest of publishers increasing, so did his insecurities about trusting the music industry, so he decided to take on the alter ego of Princess Nokia and independently release the mixtapes Metallic Butterfly (2014), Honeysuckle (2015) and the 1992 EP. (2017).

After performing all over the world, the North American rapper presents A Girl Cried Red (2018) where she introduced her audience to emo and hip-hop sounds.