Useful Info

Adopting eco-friendly practices and improving the ecological performance of the festival is in the hands of all of us. It is also your responsibility to preserve the beauty of Taboão River Beach.


1.     Let's take care of and preserve the landscape, avoiding disturbances and keeping it clean and intact.

2.     Do not occupy the safety perimeter – always camp in safe areas that do not obstruct the passage of waste collection vehicles, organization vehicles, or even ambulances and firefighters if necessary.

3.     If you see any environmentally incorrect behavior, help us correct it.

4.     Every drop counts – save water and make sure you always close the taps properly.

5.     Save electricity – you don't need to be constantly connected to the power supply.

6.     You are responsible for all the waste you generate: separate it correctly in the containers spread throughout the area. You will be contributing to their recycling.

7.     Do not throw ash and cigarette butts on the ground. Besides it’s very difficult to collect them and they can cause fires. Carry a portable ashtray with you and when it's full, empty it into a general waste container and reuse it.

8.     Do not light fires.

9.     Join us in preserving the magic of the festival by doing your part.

10.  If you brought something with you, take it back home when you leave. At the end of the festival, leave no trace of your presence.

You can leave unconsumed food items at the "Sê-Lo Verde" stand. We will donate them to a local social welfare institution.

If you have any questions, visit the "Sê-lo Verde @ VPC" stand, near the Jazz Stage.

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