Vodafone Paredes de Coura


In 2023 we finally danced again! After a season full of music and magic, we're back in 2024 at Vodafone Paredes de Coura! Sun, warmth, music, and a DOMO glamping tent are the ideal setting for a musical getaway with all the comfort you deserve.

We are building a special place for you at our DOMO CAMP and we are happy to prepare our tents for you in time for the start of the festival, so that you can experience a perfect starting point for a lot of unforgettable moments.

You can expect our "Glamping Village" built with the maximum comfort, as usual. Private sanitation facilities, a nice chill out area, 24 hour security and our lovely reception team will ensure that you get the fun that you deserve.

We have several accommodation options for you, so you can adapt your stay to the size of your group and budget. We have 2 packages available for you. Our already famous Paredes de Coura Comfot Pack (4 nights 14.08-18.08 ) with all comfort you are entitled and our Paredes de Coura Standard Pack (4 nights 14.08-18.08 ) with a slightly simpler offer for 3, 4 or 6 people, but still with access to all the field infrastructure that we have built for you.

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